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Post by XxXACEXxX on Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:20 pm

Mipony 1.2.1 Mipony

File hosting sites are a great way to share large files online, but they are also a pain to browse: extra clicks, waiting times, checking back to see if the download is finished and start another one... Luckily you can now let Mipony take care of it all!

Mipony is a handy download manager that has been especially developed to work with free hosting sites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire, Filesend and many others.

All you need to do is copy and paste download links onto Mipony's interface (or simply enable the program'sclipboard monitor) and relax while your files are being downloaded, one after the other, as fast as possible. You can also use the program's built-in web browser, or copy and paste a web address and Mipony will scan it in search of download links.

Mipony checks the links before downloading them to make sure they work, waits if necessary and downloads the files to your hard drive. If the file is divided into several parts, Mipony will also let you join them. The program's configuration settings enable you to limit download speed and number of simultaneous downloads so that you don't jam your internet connection. You can also use Mipony with premium accounts on many of the supported hosting sites.

The only thing that annoyed me about Mipony is that the program's window opens on top of everything else every time you copy a download link to the clipboard. It would be nicer if it simply stored all copied links in the background. Other than that, it's simply an excellent download manager!

With Mipony you can manage all your downloads from free hosting sites in a much easier, more comfortable way.

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Mipony 1.2.1

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