Dota News - [Nightcrawler - Dota 6.65 New Hero?]

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Dota News - [Nightcrawler - Dota 6.65 New Hero?] Empty Dota News - [Nightcrawler - Dota 6.65 New Hero?]

Post by syahmie007 on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:33 pm

Dota 6.65 Map News

IceFrog has just announced that he will make some balance changes on Dota 6.64. And he also stated that maybe some new hero or hero will be included on Dota 6.65. Which hero do you want for remake on Dota 6.65? Or do you have a hero that you wanted for Dota 6.65? Share all your thought about Dota 6.65 in this post :)

Update 1 - From IceFrog Blog: 6.65 Development

"Just a quick update to keep you guys in the loop. The 6.65 development cycle is underway and I'm hoping to make it an enjoyable update. It will have some fresh new content in addition to the usual improvements. I'll try to post more information about it later."


IceFrog has just post a Dota 6.65 teaser on his blog today. And inside, there's only a video without any comment. But the title is enough to explain everything, that the new hero inside this video is named Nightcrawler. The hero is somehow invisible and has a brown cloud above his head. Geez, i'm curious what kind of hero is that. If you wanna find out, watch below video! ;)