Reflexive Arcade Universal Patch v3.0

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Reflexive Arcade Universal Patch v3.0

Post by syawwaal09 on Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:54 am

# For you pleasure , an universal crack/unwrapper for games using reflexiveArcade.dll
I does not only crack the game, it also remove the nag screen which come after closing the game, EVEN IF you are a registered user.
# It's easy to use ! Just read README.CHM instructions if you are curious.
# For curious crackers, just debug it and you will see. But be carefull, you must be aware of the PE File Format Wink
# version 2.0 fix the detection of... the version 1.x by the reflexive loader :p
# version 3.0 introduce the loader feature and correct a little bug in "patch" (method2)

Download Here


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