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Post by orang kg on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:49 pm

Download Here: ?ny0i4oymumw



- Recording from any DirectSound compatible sound card
- Recordings are saved to .WAV or .MP3 format in realtime
- Multiple BitRate compression settings for MP3
- LAME encoding engine for MP3
- Real-time visual feedback (VU-Meter)
- Reporting file size occupation in real time
- Silence Detection (Pause/Resume or Stop when detected)
- Pause and restart recordings
- Schedule recordings with optional web links
- Control system master/recording volume from within the program


- Rip single track or entire cd at once
- Rips are saved to .WAV or .MP3 format in realtime
- CD cover pictures retrieval through Amazon Web Services
- Automatic tagging in id3v1 and id3v2 (MP3 format only)
- Automatic retrieval of CD-Rom information from online CDDB database queries through FreeDb servers


- Works with all installed audio codecs on the system
- Random and repeat options
- Playback is autonomous to recording and ripping functions


- Add sequential number
- Add text
- Search and replace
- Convert Blank Spaces
- Batch renaming (will update/resave all playlists automatically)


- Customize program background colo or use skin
- Customize program text color
- Output format (MP3 or WAV)
- Set MP3 Encoding bitrate
- Set default save folder for recording and rips
- Stay on top mode


- Simple file management
- Quick link to default sound editor
- File information display
- Total time display
- Built in rollover help you can free download Mp3 My MP3 Recorder 3.0 now.

Mp3 My Mp3 Recorder 3.0 Mp3_my_mp3_recorder-38411-1239678259
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