On The Edge [2006]

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On The Edge [2006] Empty On The Edge [2006]

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On The Edge [2006]
On The Edge [2006] Hakbakdo


FiLE SiZE: 699 MB
RUNTiME: 88 Min
AUDiO: Cantonese
SUBTiTLE: Greek(Hardsub) + English
RELEASE DATE: 31 August 2006

Harry (Nick Cheung) is working as an undercover cop for years. After collecting evidence against his boss Dark (Francis Ng) for about four years, the police makes its move and takes Dark into custody. For Harry this means that he can finally work as a normal detective again. However, he has to find out that his colleagues don't trust him anymore and still see him as one of the gangsters he actually betrayed. Harry lost all of his former friends in the triad organisation, especially his buddy Mini B (Derek Tsang). Even his girlfriend Cat (Rain Li) doesn't want to see him again. Moreover, Harry is assigned as the new partner of tough cop Lung (Anthony Wong), who doesn't really play by the rules and likes to use force whenever it may be helpful. Being on patrol, Harry is now standing on the other side of the law as he meets his former friends and has to treat them as gangsters. When it comes to gangsters his partner Lung has the habit to mistreat them in a brutal manner, so that Harry soon has to ask himself where he is standing in this world. He doesn't get accepted as a cop by his colleagues, the Internal Affairs department is tailing him and he has lost all his friends.


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