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Atomic Bomberman Empty Atomic Bomberman

Post by enciklabu on Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:03 am

Atomic Bomberman [33.59 MB]
Atomic Bomberman F_atomicm_f4a9469

"It's such a perfect, simple, enjoyable game that it's astounding." PC Gamer June 1997. It's a classic--originally launched in 1989 Bomberman was a 16 bit console hit worldwide--over six million copies sold. Incredibly, eight players on one PC and up to 10 players via modem or network! You can build your own customised levels, animations and taunts. In fact, the replayability potential is endless--no two games are ever the same. Play in Classic mode or play in Enhanced mode with new animations, deadly power-ups and challenging new levels.

* 8 players can play on one PC
* 10 players can play via modem or network
* Build your own customised levels and animations
* Replayability potential is endless - no 2 games are ever the same
* Play in classic mode or enhanced mode with new animations, new levels and deadly power-ups

System Requirements: [takyah tgk la..zmn jepun punye pn boleh..]
- System: Pentium-90 or equivalent
- RAM: 16 MB
- Video Memory: 1 MB
- Hard Drive Space: 40 MB

Unrar, Play The Game!

Download Here
Atomic Bomberman Donlodsj7

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Atomic Bomberman Empty Re: Atomic Bomberman

Post by wajahebat on Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:28 pm

adei...ketagih la main...

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